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Tripura’s dream flyover left without utilization, deadline crossing of flyover work completion increasing risks
TIWN Jan 17, 2019
Tripura’s dream flyover left without utilization, deadline crossing of flyover work completion increasing risks
PHOTO : Agartala flyover left without utilization, Photo inset : Tripura CM Biplab Deb. TIWN Photos.

AGARTALA, Jan 17 (TIWN): To mitigate the traffic jam problems flyover construction project was taken in hand but around a year has been crossed but the flyover left without any development at the finishing level. With various excuses, in the name of testing, BJP led Govt of Tripura has delayed the project inauguration for more than 10 months increasing risks of the flyover future and its support-base. Agartala city is the biggest victim of such jams. Even on Thursday hundreds of vehicle came under traffic jam as the city remained paralyzed due to poor traffic management and huge numbers of increased vehicles. Patient parties and Airport / Railway Station goers faced the highest jolts on the National Highway and other routes. The jam basically fueled from the Nagerjala-Battala area with a huge space has been occupied by under-construction flyover project at there for years. BJP Govt is not taking any step to complete the flyover by fixing the alleged 'faults' in the pillars were found, which has already ended the deadline of the flyover.With "corruption in construction" allegation, the first flyover's inauguration is being delayed in Tripura. Due to the delay in the inauguration, there is no relief for the travelers yet from massive traffic jam. Whether the flyover will be inaugurated or not it has triggered question.

Based on the media reports, public are whispering if the construction is not appropriate then why doesn't the new Govt break the flyover and build a new one ? But since 10 months of Govt formation, there is no initiative to solve the issue. Agartala flyover was a dream project of Rs. 300 crores, which is also the first flyover of Tripura covering capital city's Drop Gate area to Fire Brigade Chowmuhani and another route towards Melarmath.

Reacting against the media reports based on Agartala flyover, which claimed that the construction and project is under scanner and people will die under it, Ex-PWD Minister Badal Choudhury in the November month said, "Our Govt created the flyover not to do corruption but to manage the daily traffic jams". 

This would be the first flyover of Tripura, which was constructed to manage the increasing traffic jams in the capital city Agartala at the cost of 300 crores. The flyover was to be inaugurated in 2018-January but due to election, the construction was delayed.Since BJP Govt came in power, it has stopped the whole work which is also leading the half done flyover towards destruction.

No proper statement by the State Govt yet was given regarding the delay of the flyover work completion.

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