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‘ADC is not controlled by State Govt, but by Governor’ : CPI-M asked BJP not to treat ADC as Municipal and Panchayat bodies
TIWN Jan 17, 2019
‘ADC is not controlled by State Govt, but by Governor’ : CPI-M asked BJP not to treat ADC as Municipal and Panchayat bodies
PHOTO : CPI-M spokesperson Bijan Dhar addressing media. TIWN File Photo.

AGARTALA, Jan 17 (TIWN): CPI-M has warned the BJP led state govt not to treat ADC as local Municipal and Panchayat bodies and to begin political interference. CPI-M spokesperson alleging BJP is trying snatch ADC’s constitutional rights said, “ADC’s guardian is not the State Govt, but ADC’s guardian is Governor.

We like to remind the people who are treating ADC like local bodies”. With this, and more 3 demands CPI-M has announced massive protests in coming days.The four demands raised by Tripura Left Front Committee are : 1)To clear the huge amounts of pending allocations, 2) Not to treat ADC as local body and to save ADC’s constitutional rights, 3) More power to ADC, 4) To recognize Kokborok language under the 8th schedule of the constitution.

Addressing media at Melarmath CPI-M Headquarter, CPI-M spokesperson Bijan Dhar said, “The Left Front Committee is concerned that Tripura Tribal Areas Autonomous District Council (TTAADC) is under economic blockade of the BJP-IPFT Govt. Generally, the expenditure and planning for ADC development (except salaries) are kept in the State budget. It was maintained in CPI-M Govt era and also has been maintained in BJP-IPFT Govt’s time.

But, if we observe the funding annually, it shows that in 2015-16 Rs. 260 cores, 2016-17 Rs. 582 crores, 2017-18 Rs. 557 crores were kept for the ADC development in budget, whereas this year in the budget for development is only Rs. 117 crores were kept”. “The BJP-IPFT Govt not only slashed the ADC budget but also till now no funding was done even though 3 quarter of the year is already gone. Only first two quarters' fund was sanctioned fully. 10 crores 25 lakh of fund yet pending, share of taxes are pending above 25 crores which never happened earlier", said Bijan Dhar.

"Since two months no fund for salary was given and ADC authority managed the salaries from reserved funds with State Govt’s request but no more funding was given by the State Govt”, said Bijan Dhar.

“More Rs 95 crores  is waiting to get in ADC’s hand, which is only 3rd quarter’s fund. Chief Minister Biplab Deb continuously visiting Delhi, but no fruitful result he could bring for development. So our first demand that Govt should clear the 3rd quarter’s fund and also prepare to give the 4th quarter’s money”, added Dhar.

In the second demand, the CPI-M leader said, “ADC’s constitutional rights should be saved. BJP-IPFT Govt is snatching ADC’s power in various means. ADC is not a local body like Panchayat but it’s a constitutional body. We oppose that”.

Citing example, Bijan Dhar said, “Dumboor water-lake belong to ADC but without informing ADC, BJP local MLA went there and made a committee. MLA is never an administration. S/he may be in committees but has no right to violate the administrative power. It is leading to looting of revenues and also this committee is illegal”.

In the 3rd demand, the Left Front Committee demanded “more power to ADC” by extending 3-tier Panchayat and in 3rd demand they have demanded Kokborok language should be brought under 8th schedule.

“If Central Govt wants, it can change anything, do anything. Parliament have changed Supreme Court’s decision. So, it can also fulfill the demand of 8th schedule”, Bijan Dhar told media.

The Left Front Committee further announced that from January 27 to February 23 there will be protests with these four points of demands. 


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