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‘It’s shocking that BJP, IPFT Ministers are backing Police firing’, says CPI-M, demands Judicial Investigation in Jirania violence
TIWN Jan 11, 2019
‘It’s shocking that BJP, IPFT Ministers are backing Police firing’, says CPI-M, demands Judicial Investigation in Jirania violence
PHOTO : Left : 6 youths injured in police firing, Right : CPI-M spokesperson Bijan Dhar addressing media.

AGARTALA, Jan 11 (TIWN): Opposition CPI-M has demanded Judicial investigation in Jirania violence of January 8, blaming BJP picketers and police for uncontrolled situation at there. CPI-M has also rubbished BJP and IPFT’s claim of possible involvement of CPI-M in Jirania violence, further challenged the ruling parties to ‘prove’ it rather than bringing 'baseless allegations'. Addressing media, CPI-M spokesperson Bijan Dhar said, “On January 8, January 9 across the nation 20 crores of workers were in strike and here also the strike was observed. At the same time, Northeast Student Organization (NESO) called 11 hours strike on January 8 across Northeast voicing against Citizenship Bill. That protest was also going on but when the strike was going on at Jirania a big national level terror erupted. The picketers supporting strike led by TSF were targeted by police’s bullet. Total 20 people were injured in that incident whereas 12 are still hospitalized and one sent outside the state. What such situation erupted that police had to start firing ?"

"Already complaints have been raised that BJP picketers started attack on the strikers, they went from outside and in a scuffle with police, the firing had to be done. Complaints also raised that when the injured two boys weren’t sent to GB hospital on the way in the ambulance miscreants attacked them and further injured them and burnt shops, looted across”.

 “Internet is shutdown for total 96 hours. Section 144 yet imposed at there. Across the state a terror like condition is going on specially the minority people are much afraid”, said Bijan Dhar.

“CPI-M committee have observed the whole situation and condemning the firing. Victims of the violence should be compensated and what situation erupted led police to start firing, we demand Judicial investigation in the case led by one Judge from High Court and culprits should be punished”, added Dhar.

“It’s very surprising that BJP, IPFT’s two ministers have blamed CPI-M. Now our question is do the leaders want to suppress anything ? What is the truth, reason should be come out”, said Bijan Dhar.

“BJP-IPFT is failed to fulfil a single promise they did before election and now in this condition suppressing people have become the agenda”, he said.

The CPI-M leader further opposed INPT and other regional parties called 12 hours strike on tomorrow, saying “It may disrupt the peace”.

“Knowing fully well that INPT and other regional parties’ demands are valid, their moto is democratic but we urge them to withdraw the strike seeing the ongoing tensed situation across the state”, Bijan Dhar told media.

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