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‘Controversial Citizenship Bill was brought by Modi Govt with political dirty motive 3 months ahead of Lok Sabha Election’ : MP Jitendra Chaudhury
TIWN Jan 11, 2019
‘Controversial Citizenship Bill was brought by Modi Govt with political dirty motive 3 months ahead of Lok Sabha Election’ : MP Jitendra Chaudhury
PHOTO : MP Jitendra Chaudhury addressing at Parliament. TIWN File Photo.

AGARTALA, Jan 11 (TIWN): Reacting over Mdhabbari violence on January 8, Tripura CPI-M MP Jitendra Chaudhury slammed BJP and police for instigating tension at there on strike day. The MP said that the main CAUSE of Northeast’s tension lies in the Citizenship Bill, a controversial bill was placed just 3 months ahead of Lok Sabha Election with ill motive and in “war like situation” the bill was passed in Lok Sabha, even though could not be passed in Rajya Sabha yet. Jitendra Chaudhury said, “On 8th January BJP Govt without bothering for the opposition voice passed the Citizenship Bill at Lok Sabha. Against Citizenship Bill all the political parties protested, but in Northeast states the movement was more strong, because due to the partisan Northeast was the highest victim of migration. Except Tripura Assam, Meghalaya and other states are the victims but it has a historical significance as due to Assam-Tripura-Bangladesh’s parts like areas were separate country before partisan".

"Then in 1971 more migration was there and to stop that migration, a deal named Indira-Mujib was done and Northeast people also compromised with that but just ahead of Lok Sabha  election this citizenship bill was raised which says all non-Muslims from Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan will get citizenship in India who came in India within 31st December 2014 and stayed for long 6 years. Naturally protest held against this bill which divided people on the basis of religion and apart from that for Northeast demography it’s dangerous. No only tribals but non-tribals are also against it but Modi Govt didn’t raise it since 2016 after protest was held across nation but after losing in 5 states, when BJP saw no magic of them is working on people, then stretched in sensitive issue ahead of Lok Sabha election”.

“BJP Govt didn’t find any trump-card ahead of election, neither any of the promised they did before 2014 election could be fulfilled and people are no more interested in their cheatings. So, ahead of Lok Sabha election the cunning trick was played”, he  said.

“Centering the bill under NESO called strike Tripura was too holding protest and many student organizations were participating in that in democratic manner. But similar protests took place many times under Left Govt era also. 11 days long National Highway was blocked, but no blood shed, no bullet, no lathi charge had to be done and with huge tolerance those days were controlled, but we are surprised to see present Tripura Govt’s role”, the MP said.

Jitendra Chaudhury blamed Police and ruling party activists both for disrupting the peace.

“This Govt first brought this controversial bill and then shot the angry people on this bill. This trick of BJP Govt is highly condemnable. But unfortunately no action against ruling activists and police were taken”, said Chaudhury.

Hitting IPFT General Secretary, Tribal Welfare Minister Mebar Jamatia, Jitendra Chaudhury said, the Minister condemned the incident but never said against whom this condemnation. Mebar Jamatia failed to utter a single word against Modi Govt for brining this sensitive bill or against ruling party activists as well as police, whom people earlier considered as strong wellwisher of tribal community out of “lust” for power.

Talking about Minister’s demand of Judicial investigation, Chaudhury said, “Why a Minister would demand, he should decide that demand should be fulfill in cabinet ?”

“It shows BJP-IPFT Govt is highly irresponsible, doesn’t have courage for condemnation of the even and no word said against actual culprits from ruling party and police”, Jitendra Chaudhury said, further calling for “peace” in the coming days during each protest.

Chaudhury also said that out of majority even though BJP could pass the Citizenship Bill in Lok Sabha but hardly there is any possibility to pass in Rajya Sabha.


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