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JUMLA Motormouth turns Tripura’s most unpopular CM : 12-hrs-ADC Strike announced demanding Biplab Deb’s resignation, No action against SP West yet after Police firing left 6 injured
TIWN Jan 11, 2019
JUMLA Motormouth turns Tripura’s most unpopular CM : 12-hrs-ADC Strike announced demanding Biplab Deb’s resignation, No action against SP West yet after Police firing left 6 injured
PHOTO : Chief Minister Biplab Deb, Minister NC Debbarma addressing media at Secretariat. TIWN Pic Jan 10

AGARTALA, Jan 11 (TIWN): Tripura's 10 months old BJP-IPFT Govt turned a blunder at least for Tiprasa supporters since Jirania Police firing led 6 youths injured. Regional parties had demanded IPFT’s withdrawal of support from alliance with BJP, whereas giving a major jolt to the expectation IPFT Ministers have given 100% support to the Biplab Deb Govt. Infront of IPFT President Minister Narendra Chandra Debbarma, Chief Minister Biplab Deb has claimed there is nothing wrong in Citizenship Bill in Tripura. Addressing media sharing dais with NC Debbarma Biplab Deb said, “Since Kings era, lakhs of non-tribals came here and Tripura Kings also supported them.According to Citizenship Bill Hindus, Christians, Jains, Buddhists will be welcomed with citizenship. After partisan of India those helpless people came in India and giving shelter to them is moral”. Talking about the Jirania violence, Biplab Deb almost gave certificate to police saying that police had fired below knee and one Sumit Debbarma who was injured his case is also no way can be said police fired him on his shoulder intentionally. However, we have ordered for Magisterial Investigation in this case and within minimum time the inquiry to be completed”.During the press meet, media persons also pinched the Chief Minister as he is trying to make Tripura into Kashmir. Biplab Deb said, it was necessary on that time to stop “fake news”.

Being asked by media, why BJP-IPFT Govt has demanded Magisterial investigation when IPFT Minister Mebar Jamatia has demanded Judicial investigation, Biplab Deb replied, “He is my partner but it’s his party matter. May be as I am the BJP-President and also CM so my decisions are becoming similar but whatever it is, we have ordered now for Magisterial investigation”.

On the other side, ahead of NC Debbarma and Biplab Deb’s joint press meet, addressing media Mebar Jamatia said, “The strike was not called by IPFT but it was called by INPT and CPI-M and some other parties, but during the strike, none of those parties’ leaders seen present on the road and the protest on National Highway was “uncontrolled”, “violent”. “Earlier, 100 times we staged ‘dharnas’, ‘movements’, ‘blockades’ but no such incident happened. Then what was the wrong this time that such brutal consequences took place” ?, Mebar Jamatia told media.IPFT Minister Mebar Jamatia’s failure to condemn illegal Police firing ordered by SP West Ajit Pratap Singh stunned all Tiprasa youths cutting across Party lines.

IPFT also demanded compensation for those people who lost their properties in that violence regardless tribals and non-tribals.

Jamatia further claimed that such incidents prove that IPFT always was a democratic party and staged protest in democratic manners unlike INPT and other involved parties at there.

The political tornado in Tripura ahead of Lok Sabha Election started after state police led by SP West Ajit Pratap Singh started firing without prior announcement and that shooting injured 6 youths critically. Out of them one is under ventilation, critical, sent outside the state for better treatment.

The victim side said that during a road blockade in peaceful movement, two teams came face to face but suddenly police started firing but for that police neither announced anything in prior led the brutal incident.

A major section of the indigenous people demanded, Chief Minister Biplab Deb’s resignation from Home Ministry as well as from Chief Ministry.

Other regional parties have pressed IPFT to withdraw its support from BJP which is in alliance to hold the power. But IPFT led by Party President NC Debbarma has given full support to BJP-IPFT Govt, giving 1-month time for proper investigation.

Section 144 has been continuing in Madhabbari, whereas mobile-internet and SMS service is still halted. 

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