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Fuel price again on hike in Tripura as BJP Govt imposed more VAT
TIWN Dec 30, 2018
Fuel price again on hike in Tripura as BJP Govt imposed more VAT

AGARTALA, Dec 30 (TIWN): Fundless condition of Tripura treasury are now burden on the common men. Since Modi Govt in power fuel prices have been taking a serious tone with daily hikes, but recently with Govt’s decision of slashing Rs. 5 on fuel had decreased the fuel price below 70 rupees. But when everyday price was decreasing Tripura BJP led State Govt has once again imposed VAT on the fuel leading again hike. On yesterday the petrol price was Rs. 67.34 whereas today it raised at Rs. 67.39. This is the 3rd time that the BJP led State Govt has hiked the taxes / cess on fuel on the last 9 months of Govt formation.Petrol price has been increased at Rs. 3.20 whereas diesel price was increased more Rs. 3.29.At the same time 1 rupees cess was imposed on the fuel in addition.It will cause Rs. 33 crores of income for the state govt, whereas to lead more burden for the common men as raising of fuel price directly linked with raising commodity prices. Now state Govt will earn Rs. 33 cores, but common men has to bear it because Modi yet to fund Tripura which it promised before the Election.From unemployment to price hike all problems of the state are increasing, MGNREGA works slashed, lawless condition hit the people here, whereas Chief Minister Biplab Deb is in national media for his luxurious livings at Delhi as well as in Tripura, capturing a major party Delhi’s Tripura Bhawan.

Congress earlier alleged, Modi Govt looted 11 lakhs crores by taxing fuel since 2014. 

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