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Tripura Blood Banks to be connected with E-Blood App within January : ‘App will pour cold water on Critics’, Health Minister ‘again’ pinches Chief Minister
TIWN Dec 29, 2018
Tripura Blood Banks to be connected with E-Blood App within January : ‘App will pour cold water on Critics’, Health Minister ‘again’ pinches Chief Minister
PHOTO : Health Minister Sudip Barman addressing at Town Hall. Photo inset : Tripura CM Biplab Deb.

AGARTALA, Dec 29 (TIWN): Health Minister Sudip Barman today has conducted a meeting all clubs, organizations, political party units which are engaged with blood donation campaigns for the state. In this meeting form Clubs to opposition party unions as SFI, DYFI, NSUI were also present and jointly have taken decision to work for mitigating blood crisis. However, while addressing at Town Hall on this occasion, the Minister has once again hit Chief Minister Biplab Deb who raised question where the collected blood is going as other states hardly conduct so many blood donation camps but never suffer from blood crisis like Tripura. Announcing “apps” will be introduced for the common men, so that from mobile they can know the status of blood bank, Health Minister Sudip Barman hit the critics saying, “Various times such strange questions are being asked whether doctors are giving blood to the correct patient or not. But this app will end all such controversies”. A calendar was also designed which will be notified soon by guiding the organizations to conduct at least 3 blood donation camps in a year routine-wise.

 A chart will be given to the organizations so that they will know in which month they can organize their camps. In this way, a same flow of blood donations to be continued. All the organizations have told the Minister that they will be in full cooperation with the Dept.

Sudip Barman has hit Biplab Deb after he started a controversy on blood crisis with few indirect allegations against Health Dept.

Biplab Den said, “Only because a patient is having weakness, don’t push blood in his body. First check the level of hemoglobin in his / her body. We need to save blood. In other states hardly blood donation camps take place, but there is no blood crisis. So, I think we have to manage it. Where is the problem we need to find out it. I have seen big states like Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Maharastra where no blood crisis is felt, but even after so many blood donation camps held in Tripura, why that much of blood crisis existing here ? The cause of blood crisis are the technical issues. Whether the collected blood units are given to the hospitals properly or not, it needs to be checked too. Whether the patient who needs blood s/he is pushed with blood or any patient coming for simple reason is pushed with blood. Such matters have to be checked”.

Replying to the doubts, Sudip Barman said that this new App will end all such controversies and will pour “Cold Water” on such rumours.

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