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Biplab, Pratima’s godfather Central BJP Govt blocks media, JUMLA leaders to kick off election rallies from new year
TIWN Dec 28, 2018
Biplab, Pratima’s godfather Central BJP Govt blocks media, JUMLA leaders to kick off election rallies from new year
PHOTO : Pic (Top, Left): Amit Shah & PM Modi, Pic (Bottom, Left): BJP released Vision Document for Tripura before Assembly Election, Pic (Right): Tortures on Tripura media exposed in national media

AGARTALA, Dec 28 (TIWN): Truthful news-publication of Tripura’s leading webmedia known to people as ‘TIWN’ was blocked by Govt of India before a month back with political ill motive. We raised question on Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Deb’s BA pass degree’s validity, BJP General Secretary Pratima Bhomwik’s past crime history and her family’s nexus with state’s drug smuggling. We questioned on BJP Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley’s promise about 7th Pay Commission implementation from the effect of 2016, filling up 50,000 Govt job vacancies in the first year, house-to-house jobs. We made Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Deb’s bizarre comments as “Internet was existing in Mahabharata’s time” to “Diana Hayden was unworthy to be Miss World” viral, exposed corruptions in TPSC and Law dept recruitment, slashing of funds for Tripura by Modi Govt, Pratima Bhowmik led scams in the recently held Northeast Youth Festival, MLA Ram Prasad Pal and other BJP led attacks on opposition parties, autocracy with Press Club posts by BJP sold media persons.

In counterattack, Pratima Bhowmik and Biplab Deb led Police Dept harassed TIWN related, non-related media persons, Editor’s family members, West District Police was misused to harass senior citizens linked with the Editor, SP-West Ajit Pratap Singh sent illegal notices to social media of TIWN which had highest numbers of followers and also dared to send fabricated report to the domain of TIWN at US to shutdown the media. When US verified the authenticity of TIWN publication and found nothing violating in the site, rather experts have certified TIWN with high quality news publication, the BJP Govt here convinced Central Govt to block TIWN. 

However, all these couldn’t stop TIWN till now, further media power is still more powerful than politically temporary empowered leaders and TIWN became more famous.

Great thing about TIWN is, no common man ever came against TIWN, rather only political leaders had / have problems with TIWN for its courageous news publication.

After all these, BJP’s highest powered leaders as Prime Minister Narendra Modi, BJP National President Amit Shah to visit Tripura from the next year 2019 to strengthen BJP and to “bloom the Lotus” again here in this upcoming Lok Sabha election.

But till day, BJP couldn’t fulfill a single promise of its Finance Minister words except converting Agartala Airport’s name after King Bir Bikram Manikya.

In last 10 months, there was hardly a day that the state was spared from BJP-led violence. Women, girls, domestic cattle all came under the ruling party’s rage and very immaturely playing politics under Biplab Deb and Pratima Bhowmik, the party lost its ground in the state. The elections turned so far farces.

However, to make sure in the upcoming MP Election, BJP can win over again Tripura voters, central BJP leaders have geared up and once again with huge taxpayers’ moneys massive rallies are scheduled to conduct.

In the mean time heli-rider Chief Minister Biplab Deb has managed his luxurious palace at Delhi, whereas TIWN Editor Saumen Sarkar said, he would be raising questions on Biplab Deb’s income source before election for which he could submit around crores of property in the affidavit while filing nominations. 

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