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‘Mass literacy was never done by the King, rather Ganamukti Parishad did it’ : Communist
TIWN Dec 27, 2018
‘Mass literacy was never done by the King, rather Ganamukti Parishad did it’ : Communist
PHOTO : CPI-M leaders 1)Bijan Dhar, 2)Naresh Jamatia paid tribute to Ganamukti Parishad revolutionists. TIWN Pics Dec 27

AGARTALA, Dec 27 (TIWN): On the occasion of 74th anniversary of Jana-Shiksha-Andolon, CPI-M spokesperson, Ex-State-General-Secretary of CPI-M Bijan Dhar while addressing media claimed that the Kingdom could never work for the interest of mass-literacy, rather it was done by youths and Ganamukti Parishad back in 1940’s era.

“Ganamukti Parishad led movement of mass literacy is still relevant in today’s time as till day Education system has  been attempted to manipulated by various tools. Separatism, Communalism, Privatization of Education need to be fight back in today’s time too”, Dhar added.

Bijan Dhar further said that Communist’s base was in Tripura from the mass literacy movement since 1950’s time.

Dhar mentioned, even though Ganamukti Parishad took swords in hands later but it had to do it for self-defence but never it worked against any separatism and communalism, rather it worked for the interest of all communities harmony.

“King didn’t bring mass literacy. The youths founded the schools which were later taken under the Govt by King’s Education Minister Mr. Brown. Ganamukti Parishad led Jana-Shiksha-Andolon also flooded the state with peace and harmony and it was the base of Communists in Tripura”, he added.

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