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Fake NGO team booked in Tripura
TIWN Dec 24, 2018
Fake NGO team booked in Tripura
PHOTO : Fraud NGO team booked by Police. TIWN Pic Dec 24

AGARTALA, Dec 24 (TIWN): A group of fake NGO who were gathering money saying 200 children left paralyzed at there (in another state) were caught by locals in Agartala and handedover to Police.

Total four girls were arrested. On yesterday, the group was seen at Orient Chowmuhani also.

They are either from Odisha or from Rajasthan.

When local people caught them red-handed, they warned the people that they are from Pakistan and will cause a massive bomb blast here if they don’t leave them to go.

Public caught them in the bypass area, near the hanging bridge. They were massively collecting moneys from people saying 200 children are now under danger at Rajasthan due to natural disaster and they are working for the NGO which is taking care of them.

The story behind the money extortion was, “At Ranipur (most likely in Odisha) there was a flood and 200 children left disable due to that flood and for them the  money were being gathered”.

One local Tutal Majumder first alleged about those girls to his local people after she asked money from him.

When locals asked them their identity, they started uttering abusing words, languages against Tripura and categorially slammed Tripura-people.

One local woman said, the fake NGO team must have a high channel or from a dangerous background as they have no fear on their faces.

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