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Media reports on ‘Pradyot Deb Barman quits Congress’ are Fake
TIWN Dec 23, 2018
Media reports on ‘Pradyot Deb Barman quits Congress’ are Fake
PHOTO : Pradyot Deb Barman addressing at Congress Bhawan.

AGARTALA, Dec 23 (TIWN): Speculation based news spread recently by few media houses in Tripura based on Tripura heavyweight Congress leader Pradyot Kishore Deb Barman resigned Congress is baseless and fake.

The news items were made, with the Congress leader’s internal party meeting speech where he spoke from his heart saying, ‘everything should be discussed, rather than suppression’. At the same time, he warned few of party activists who continues to fight among themselves and mentioned, Congress’s internal fight only can benefit the other parties.

Eventhough he spoke about NRC and allegedly arguments erupted, but Pradyot rather asked Congress to be ‘true Congress’ and ‘true Secular’.

He also raised question, when Congress talks about women’s equality why there is not even toilet arrangement for them for women comfort ? He raised question, why nobody talks about Muslims and push only Muslim members of the party to talk about them ? He also raised question, whether saying secular and being secular are same thing ? Talking about NRC he said, there is no communal issue, but why the citizenship bill only saves Hindus but not Muslims ?

His speech was accepted with claps even though arguments were alleged by media. There is no report of so called “quitting” Congress from Pradyot rather he mentioned, BJP leader Himnta Biswa Sarma proposed him to be the CM or MP if he joins BJP but he and his family doesn’t want all these from Tripura, because they love Congress.

Deb Barman in the Congress meeting also praised Gopal Roy, Birjit Sinha for their personality and leadership. 

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