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‘Why Modi Govt favoured Ambani for Rafale deal’ ? asks Sharmithstha Mukharjee
TIWN Dec 22, 2018
‘Why Modi Govt favoured Ambani for Rafale deal’ ? asks Sharmithstha Mukharjee
PHOTO : Sharmistha Mukherjee, D/O-Pranab Mukharjee addressing at Congress Bhawan, Agartala. TIWN Pic Dec 21

AGARTALA, Dec 22 (TIWN): Daughter of India’s 13th President Pranab Mukharjee, Sharmaitstha Mukharejee while addressing media here said that Congress will not be silent on Rafel deal till Modi Govt answers why did Modi Govt favoured only Ambani led industry and not others in Rafale deal whom the Modi Govt earlier also favoured many times.

At the same time, JPC in Rafale dead alleged scam was demanded.

Noteworthy, 13th President of India Pranab Mukharjee’s daughter Sharmistha Mukharjee has arrived here in Tripura today, held meeting in the Congress quarter, followed by a press conference with State media persons at Agartala.

Sharmistha Mukherjee is an Indian Kathak dancer, choreographer and politician of the Indian National Congress.

Addressing media, Mukharjee talked about the Rafale deal, alleged as a “scam” accusing Modi Govt for lying before the Supreme Court and concealing data.

She received warm welcome at the Congress Bhawan and State Congress President Birjit Sinha received her. Congress in Tripura is gearing up for the upcoming Lok Sabha Election as national Secretary of Congress Bhupen Borah just has completed his visit here. 

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