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‘State Election Commission worse than a doll, BJP scared of defeat in fair Election’ : CPI-M exposed unholy nexus among State Election Commission & BJP’s criminal gangs
TIWN Dec 22, 2018
‘State Election Commission worse than a doll, BJP scared of defeat in fair Election’ : CPI-M exposed unholy nexus among State Election Commission & BJP’s criminal gangs
PHOTO : State Election Commission led by G K Rao announced Municipal Election. Photo inset : CPI-M leader Pabitra Kar addressing media. TIWN Pics.

AGARTALA, Dec 22 (TIWN): In a highly disturbing trend of nexus among State Election Commission and BJP’s criminal gangs, majority of seats are being declared ‘Uncontested’ win for BJP as opposition parties were terrorized, candidates beaten, houses burnt unless they withdraw nominations in Municipal Poll, which is a repeat of BJP’s ‘Terror Driven’ Poll Strategy in Panchayat Election but SEC chosen to stay in slumber.. Counterattacking ruling BJP’s claim on opposition CPI-M failed to announce candidates names and thus BJP won various seats without contest, CPI-M leader Pabitra Kar said that their party’s condition is not too poor that they can not effort at least candidates names, rather amid BJP’s brutal attacks, candidates submitted nominations but many were bound to withdraw their nominations due to deadly attacks from the BJP.Kar said, BJP is scared of its defeat and thus attacking people across. Slamming Commissioner G.K.Rao led State Election Commission’s puppet role for changing Election date without informing oppositions, Pabitra Kar said, “It has become worse than a doll”.

“When asked, Election Commissioner G K Rao said that due to high level pressure election date was postponed”, Kar told media.

“In door to door campaigning, people have told us that we don’t have to come, but whether they will be able to vote for us”, he said.

Citing example of 35 No ward, Pabitra Kar said, CPI-M selected senior leader Jayodatta Chaudhury who is also ex-Councilor. “But when he was in door to door campaigning, youths who are less than his grandson’s age followed him and his accompanies and by using mikes were saying whatever were coming in their mouths, which can not pronounce those words”, alleged Pabitra Kar.

“In 47 number ward, when our candidate was in election campaigning, BJP goons gheraoed him and prevented him from campaigning. Our candidate of No-4 ward was attacked the day of nomination withdrawal. Even after requesting SP Ajit Pratap Singh, police didn’t do any help. In same way No-3 candidate was also attacked”, he said.

“Belonia, Bishalgarh, Kailashahar all arears are daily affecting due to BJP’s attack. We are not getting permission from police for rally, programmes. As cause behind this, police are saying law and order is unstable. Thus, police themselves are accepting that the law and order condition is not going good in state”.

“Through media, we want to raise question before Election Commission, is this Democracy ? Then why they called for election ? Who is the Govt of this state ? What kind of Democracy is this ?”, he raised question.

The CPI-M leader further said that the party is not afraid of BJP and with its last blood drop, it will save the party and work for people.

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