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Democracy under Criminal attack ; Statewide Biplab Deb, Pratima Bhowmik led violence continues unabatedly, Attack upon households in midnight at Kailashahar, tension prevails
TIWN Dec 16, 2018
Democracy under Criminal attack ; Statewide Biplab Deb, Pratima Bhowmik led violence continues unabatedly, Attack upon households in midnight at Kailashahar, tension prevails
PHOTO : Attacks across houses at Kailashahar, TIWN Pics Dec 16

KAILASHAHAR, Dec 16 (TIWN): Democracy under severe destruction by Biplab Deb, Pratima Bhowmik led criminal elements.A single night is not spared now in Tripura from ruling BJP’s massive attack. Various families were attacked in a single night and since afternoon local CPI-M members are making visits to those families. In a brutal attack upon a household at Kailashahar led by BJP has been alleged in a house at Kailashahar and the family members alleged with 20 to 25 BJP goons one media person was also indulged while attacking them. The family members alleged that the attack started at night 11 pm and when it was midnight their tortures increased heavily and it was around 12.15 am that the families couldn’t hold the patience and open the grill under heavy sounds and spotted 20 to 25 BJP miscreants at there. The victim family said, “I was bound to open the grill by opening the key and when I came out, I saw around 25 people have gathered in my house”. Being asked by media, from which group they came, they alleged, “They belong to BJP and few of them we could identify and rest escaped as soon as I opened the door”. Few names have been uttered by the family as 1) Suman, 2) Ayan, 3) Goutam, 4) Pintu Nama, 5) Vision TV journalist Raju.

The attacked family also raised question, “How can we live in this situation. Everyday they are attacking here and there and now can’t even sleep in night also peacefully”.Showing the pelted stones and damaged items of the house the victim family was continuously asking, in this situation, how people can live ?

Tension is prevailing across Kailashahar since the brutal attacks. Many families were attacked on yesterday night, alleged the CPI-M.  TIWN Editor addressing from USA on statewide violence (Bengali)

BJP’s attack which started since Panchayat election and now centering the upcoming Municipal Election and Lok Sabha has been continuing  and the attacks are drastically increasing since BJP lost nationally in Assembly election in 5 states.

On yesterday Tripurainfoway Editor exposed how in 1 night on December 12 when Chief Minister Biplab Deb almost locked all the police officials in an auditorium in Pragna Bhawan allegedly under BJP General Secretary Pratima Bhowmik’s instruction and massively the oppositions were attacked and with fabricated cases the victims were arrested.

On December 12 night in Champamura of Agartala Agartala one Bimal Debbarma was beaten by BJP and arrested  for burning fire crackers after BJP defeated in 3 states. Then after police arrested Bimal Debbarma, his wife Nila Debbarma was assaulted by BJP goons and their son's car was broken.

Congress leader Ratan Das (Badharghat) on that same night was attacked in attempt to murder, his family was attacked and they stayed whole night in jungle and their house, car were damaged. He was attacked by Ram Prasad pal's brother Mana Pal. After Congress lodged FIR against miscreants, Ram Prasad called Chief Minister Biplab Deb and Police arrested victim Ratan Das and released him in bail, no arrest of the miscreants.  TIWN Editor addressing from USA on statewide violence (English)

The with a surprise, the Election Commission changed election date from December 22 to December 27 without any all party meeting. Cause of the date changing wasn't told,

One of the most deadly attacks was held in Belonia. In a brutal attack on December 12 Krishna Shil's house was burnt. One cow was burnt in fire and 6 more injured., House turned ashes. No arrest of the miscreants neither from the State Govt any step was taken.

CPI-M, Congress party offices burnt / damaged across Dukli, Charilam, Bamutia, Badharghar, Suryamaninagar. Women CPI-M Panchayat Secretary Rina Sinha was assaulted in the office by 25 BJP goons. Police didn't take any FIR on December 14. Party office at Bamutia was attacked and 6 injured by BJP on December 14. Total 10 injured in various places by BJP goons on December 14. 

The situation is no less than emergency situation but unfortunate for Tripura that Central Govt has turned a blind eye from media reports as at Centre also BJP is still ruling.

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