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Unemployment problem spikes up in 9 months, BJP silent on pre-poll promise to fulfill 50,000 vacant posts in 1 yr
TIWN Dec 16, 2018
Unemployment problem spikes up in 9 months, BJP silent on pre-poll promise to fulfill 50,000 vacant posts in 1 yr

AGARTALA, Dec 16 (TIWN): Tripura BJP Govt has completed its 9 months in Tripura. Before 9 months BJP was hugely popular, hope and dream of Tripura for the coming days and Modi blessings were on air whereas after 9 months the ongoing situation in this state eventhough far from any positive outcome, but terror, attacks and suppression are being imposed on the state and BJP from a popular party turned as most hated party atleast for the maximum including unemployed. The outcomes of the Govt due to Chief Minister Biplab Deb’s failure for being an appropriate leader, added by his comedy speeches hit the national media headlines and terror sponsored by the party have suppressed the common men’s, unemployed youths voices and that suppression was applied on the terminated employees of Govt depts as they never dared to protest twice. Unemployment problem has been blasting than ever before in these 9 months. The unemployed youths had played biggest role to empower BJP with majority vote banks and in the Vision Document published by Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley it was promised that within the first 1 year BJP Govt will fulfill at least 50,000 vacant posts in Govt depts which were left vacant but now after 9 months of passage filling up vacancies, the BJP Govt has cancelled all the ongoing / existing recruitment even under TPSC. Allowances which were promised to raise at 2000 rupees are not even given properly. With a recent development, it has been known that those who are getting allowances were told they will not get MGNREGA works.

Moreover, earlier in CPI-M Govt’s time 5 to 6 times MGNREGA works were given to the BPL families and now hardly 2 days per month they are getting, whereas irregular payment and different types of payments are being given to different beneficiaries, whereas in Vision Document it was promised Rs .340 will be the minimum wage.

Earlier, it was said State-Central same Govt will lead fund-flood in state, whereas now State Govt is taking loans to proceed CPI-M Govt’s pending works.  

The first work which BJP did was taxing of fuel two times and hiking fares. It was said that commodity prices will be downed, whereas commodity prices are high with Shillong transported products but local products left unsold due to double price followed by no flood compensation was given to the farmers after two floods. 


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