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Modi’s ‘HIRA’ : No arrest of a single culprit in Statewide violence : Law & Order paralyzed under Biplab Deb, Emergency situation demands President’s rule
TIWN Dec 15, 2018
Modi’s ‘HIRA’ : No arrest of a single culprit in Statewide violence : Law & Order paralyzed under Biplab Deb, Emergency situation demands President’s rule

AGARTALA, Dec 15 (TIWN): JUMLA Modi’s certifying Biplab Deb a ‘HIRA’ before pre-election speeches turned biggest cheating to Tripura voters. Under Chief Minister Biplab Deb law and order have been paralyzed openly and desperately Biplab Deb and his party is silent over the ongoing violence, tortures upon common men, houses burning, killing of domestic cattle. The silence has further proven, no justice and law and order can be expected from this Govt as one and only motto of the BJP Govt here is political. Even though police could not arrest or take action against the miscreants behind attacking families, burning houses, destroying public properties and party offices, but the police machinery is now being fully utilized for arresting the victims and common men whoever raises voice against BJP.On yesterday also 10 people were injured in BJP led violence and fabricated cases were lodged against victims. On December 12, in the name of reviewing law and order Biplab Deb kept all OCs of police stations across Tripura engaged in Pragna Bhawan meeting for whole bight paralyzing the whole police administration.Moreover, when its about arresting of culprits, instead of arresting the main culprits police have developed a trend to arrest the victims.Recently one Bimal Debbarma was arrested after he burnt fire crackers following BJP’s national fall.

The BJP miscreants beaten him and filed case for ‘burning fire crackers’.Injured Bimal Debbarma was arrested by police and as soon as police left, BJP miscreants came to the spot and assaulted her wife, stretched her clothes and their son’s car was broken.

Moreover, another Congress leader Ratan Das who was attempted to be murdered after he lodged FIR against BJP MLA Ram Prasad Pal’s brother Mana Pal, instead of arresting the accused, police arrested Ratan Das after BJP MLA Ram Prasad Pal asked Chief Minister Biplab Deb to arrange Ratan Das’s arrest. Congress will stage a protest in front of Police HQ on December 19. On yesterday, Congress burnt Chief Minister Biplab Deb’s effigy for lawless condition of the State. 

No arrest was also done in Belonia house burning of one Krishna Shil who not only lost his house but all furniture, one cow after BJP activist set fire in his home. In this situation to control law and order, President’s rule has become urgent on the basis of need.

On yesterday holding a press meet, Biplab Deb asked CPI-M, BJP’s reaction in Rafale deal verdict of the Supreme Court, whereas he yet to answer for the violence across state done by his own party led and the major lead of those attacks was shared by none other than Pratima Bhowmik, BJP General Secretary. 

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