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‘Without giving birth to a child, women are imperfect’ : says Motormouth Biplab Deb
TIWN Dec 15, 2018
‘Without giving birth to a child, women are imperfect’ : says Motormouth Biplab Deb
PHOTO : Tripura CM Biplab Deb. File Photo.

AGARTALA, Dec 15 (TIWN): Once again Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Deb measured women’s worth, after he measured 1997’s Miss World Dina Hayden saying, Diana Hayden was unworthy to be Miss World and “Indian women should look like Lamxi and Saraswati”. Instead of India having Mother Teresa, Sarada Devi like personalities and lakhs of women who adopted children, Biplab Deb has certified all of them lacking “motherhood”. Biplab Deb was addressing to BJP kariyyakartas at Teliamura when he said so. “We men do not have that opportunity to feel like women for our children. Only when women become mother, they get the feeling of motherliness and that’s why all women want to become mother one day in life. Without becoming mother a woman can not have that feeling and for that we men do not have that luck to feel like women”, said Biplab Deb. Biplab Deb was trying to motivate the activists to work with compassion and patience and just like a mother.

He further asked BJP activists to adopt 15 families of their localities which will help BJP to gain vote banks in the upcoming Lok Sabha election. The Chief Minister further took a dig the communist Govt saying for 25 years it forced the CPI-M activists to work day / night only for party whereas BJP wants to motivate kariyakartas to help the Govt for developmental works.

Tripura CM Biplab Deb has become a laughing stock to the country, sometimes his gaffes bound foreigners to reply, even replied by 1997's Miss World Diana Hayden from outside India led him to do apology for his statement against her. 

1) On April 14, 2018 at Agartala ONGC complex Ambedkar Statue inauguration, CM claimed Chabimura can be made better than Amazon river basin, also Amazon is located in Africa. It was first jolt of humour released by him in a big occasion citing Amazon islocated in Africa,

2) On April 7, CM said, internet was existing in Mahbharata's time and due to internet, Sanjay was depicting about the Kurukshetra was to a blind king. He said,  "Not US and other Western Countries, but the internet was invented by India before lakhs of years. Today US can claim it's their technology, but it's actually our and they borrowed our knowledge".

3) On April 26, CM said India's 1997 beauty queen Diana Hayden was unworthy to be considered as Miss World as she doesn't look like Laxmi and Sarswati. On that CM also suggested to use soil instead of soap, as it has no cosmetic chemical,

4) On the nex day (April 27) i.e. Civil Service Day, Biplab Deb said, "Mechanical engineers should not opt for Civil Service, rather Civil engineers must go for it as they have civic sense".

5) On the next day (April 28) CM asked the state's youths to start paan-shop or to rear cows in home to get rod of unemployment,

6) Speaking at a programme in Agartala Buddha Purnima on April 30, Biplab Deb said Gautam Buddha walked across India and went to countries like Japan, Myanmar and Tibet to spread the message of peace and harmony.

7) On May 1 CM hit another controversy saying "I will chop-off nails of my govt's critics" during a programme at Pragna Bhawan

8) He also mentioned Maitri-Feni bridge is making over river Gomati,

9) On May 11, CM Biplab Deb said, Rabindranath Tagore gave up his nobel prize to protest against British rule during Rajashi Utsav in Udaipur (Gomati Tripura),

10) May 20 : CM called Himanta Biswa Sarma as a Doctor during NEDA conclave at Guwahati,

11) On June 26, on the occasion of International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking said all promises of Vision Document will be fulfilled by not from his pocket but from public taxes.

12) On July 4, when state had been hit with mob-lynching episodes, Biplab Deb said at Agartala Airport renaming programme he is feeling "Anand Ki Leher". 

13) On July 6, during Deoghar Express's flag off programme, CM said, Tripura has 10 Districts, whereas in reality it's 8 only.

14) On July 28, the Chief Minister said, "If youths go to gym, they will become Dipa Karmakar and if they go to drugs they will be in jail".

15) On August 25, CM said, on 50 years of completion people celebrate Silver-Jubilee and Tripura will too do on 2022 on 50 years of statehood day.

16) CM said, "Ducks increases oxygen in water body by swimming". 

17) Sep 29, 2018 : CM said Modi's one brother is auto driver.

Till day Chief Minister Biplab Deb has continues with his gaffes including ships will be arrived in Sonamura subdivision, 3 months means 30 days etc.

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