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Chief Minister tries to divert peoples mind; questions opposition on Rafael deal but avoid to answer on State wide Violence
TIWN Dec 15, 2018
Chief Minister tries to divert peoples mind; questions opposition on Rafael deal but avoid to answer on State wide Violence
PHOTO : Chief Minister Biplab Deb addressing media. TIWN Pic Dec 14

AGARTALA, Dec 15 (TIWN): JUMLA party calls ups for a national wide press conference to divert the minds of the people from the recent defeat in five states of the country. The illiterate Chief Minister and the criminal wing head calls up for a press conference to discuss upon the verdict of the Hon’ble Supreme Court today.

The Jumla king and criminal queen Pratima Bhowmik ignored from answering the questions asked upon the state wide violence taking place. The opposition is continuously asking the king to control the kingdom but it seems now the king himself fell short in controlling the knobs of the enslaved goons.

The Jumla king questions the Opposition rather than answering the questions raised by them upon the government for playing the role of spectators while state wide violence continues. Domestic animal burns, houses are set on fire for supporting the opposition parties.

The criminal minded IPS and the CM keeps the police busy in the name of review meeting whereas on the other side the violence takes place in presence of the police officers in Amtali, Belonia, Ambassa.

The congress president has raised the question on why the Rafael contract was given to Anil Ambani?  Why doesn’t PM Modi answers to the nation?

Whereas the fact remains the Supreme Court never gave a clean chit to the NDA government, rather emphasized on the following points in its judgment dated 14.12.2018

There is no occasion to doubt the decision-making process in the deal.

* There is a necessity to induct fourth and fifth generation fighter aircraft and the country cannot remain without these jets.

* Not the court's job to deal with the comparative details of the pricing when the need and quality of aircraft is not in doubt.

* No substantial matter to interfere with the issue of procurement, pricing and offset partner.

* No material to show that the deal is commercial favouritism.

* No wrongdoing in the selection of Indian offset partners by Dassault Aviation.

* Questions raised on Rafale deal only after ex-French President François Hollande came out with a statement, which can't be the basis of judicial review.

* The decision to procure 36 or 126 fighter jets lies with the government can't compel the government.

The CM avoids answering on state wide violence by their goons and questions the opposition in return on Rafael deal. The Same party who says the five states results doesn’t matters on municipal polls are now arranging for Jumla show to divert peoples mind.

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