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Public demands sufficient TRTC bus service in Tripura
TIWN July 30, 2018
Public demands sufficient TRTC bus service in Tripura
PHOTO : TIWN Photo : (Left) Chaos at Nagerjala bus stand, (Right) TRTC service which is paused in Tripura.

AGARTALA, July 30 (TIWN): With everyday chaos and fighting in the buses, the long distance passengers have demanded TRTC Bus Service in Tripura like before.

The TRTC bus service with low fares will not only diminish the public harrassment, but also earn revenue  for Govt. 

When Transport Dept Officials visited Nagerjala on Monday aiming to categorize the buses as "Mini" and "Ordinary", the unruly drivers, conductors came heavily upon the officials and forced them to remove ordinary bus banners. 

As the Govt has given Kilometer wise chart, massive harassment of the passengers are going on in the state.

If a person tries to give the appropriate fare then, the conductor uses also ‘slang’ languages against the passengers openly. Even though Udaipur-Agartala fare is 38 rupees the buses keep 40 rupees without returning two rupees back

At the same time, over loading buses are continuing harassing the long distance passengers, especially women and girls.

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