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CM failed to learn 'moral principles' from SC Justice Deepak Gupta :CPI-M’s 10323 Teachers Illegal recruitment nullified by Gupta, but Biplab Deb acted like CPI-M going against 10323 cancellation
TIWN July 30, 2018
CM failed to learn 'moral principles' from SC Justice Deepak Gupta :CPI-M’s 10323 Teachers Illegal recruitment nullified by Gupta, but Biplab Deb acted like CPI-M going against 10323 cancellation
PHOTO : Pic 1 : Tripura CM with Supreme Court Justice Dipak Gupta (July 29, 2018) Pic 2 : Supreme Court of India, Pic 3, Pic 4 : Terminated 10323 teachers of Tripura.

AGARTALA, July 30 (TIWN): In spite of Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Deb's verbal accolades for Judicial activism to Justice Deepak Gupta who is popularly remembered for cancelling 10323 Teachers Illegal recruitment by Manik Sarkar's CPI-M Govt, so the question raises even after Supreme Court upheld Justice Gupta's verdict, why Biplab Deb led BJP Govt appealed in SC to extend 10323 Jobs even after deadline June 30,2018 on ad-hoc basis ? Isn't it disrespecting Justice Gupta's original High Court verdict just to fetch political votebank benefits for BJP ? What the 58 youths have got after their two times moral victory in HC, SC against corruption who filed case against 10323 teachers recruitment ? Former Chief Justice of Tripura High Court Dipak Gupta on that time told the Manik Sarkar’s Govt to appoint those 58 youths in their deserved posts ? What the BJP Govt has thought about them ? Is there any morality existing in Politics ?

It’s no less than an irony when Tripura CM was boosting his fondness for Justice Dipak Gupta since his Delhi residing as the Justice is known for his bold verdict on 10323 case, but today BJP Govt is sleepless to save 10323 teachers jobs.

Biplab Deb said, he is not only a fan of Justice Dipak Gupta but also is honoured to be with Gupta today in same dais.

Here the mutuality with 10323 is understandable when 10323 teachers who were recruited in CPI-M’s quota are totally silent and keeping trust upon the Biplab Deb’s Govt, whereas much deprived SSA and other irregular employees are far from justice.

Today however Chief Justice Dipak Gupta said, “I was an activist Judge under the Constitution and many of my judgment was unliked by a section of people, but what I did it was according to the public demands. However, the way people of Tripura have welcomed me this time, I am sure, I was not wrong”.

Noteworthy, the terminated 10323 teachers whom BJP Govt promised before the election that anyhow after Govt forms they will save the future even though they were illegally recruited by depriving qualified youths in CPI-M era, are till day safe as Supreme Court said the next hearing will be on September 17. For them BJP Govt has demanded 2 years of relaxation till 2020 and on the other side from Central Govt CM Biplab Deb has sought one time relaxation in B.Ed and marks in teachers recruitment.

The 10323 teachers who were terminated with Supreme Court’s final verdict are going to lose their jobs after 30th June 2018 as after 31st December their jobs were increased onad-hoc basis for more 6 months but that tenure also is going to end on June 30th. 10,323 teachers' jobs were first cancelled by Tripura High Court in 2014 on May 7 after spotting irregularities in the recruitment process, before the issue was taken to Supreme Court by the the CPI-M Govt. 

A division bench of the high court, comprising Chief Justice Dipak Gupta and Justice Swapan Chandra Das, had passed then order May 7, 2014 terminating the jobs of 10,323 school teachers after Dec 31, citing irregularities in recruitment and SC has upheld High Court's 2014 verdict.

On March 29, 2017, the Supreme Court also held High Court's order and terminated the teachers. Supreme Court in a humanaitarian gesture to 10323 teachers mentioned that the teachers will continue their jobs till 2017, 31st Dec.

Later with the request of Tripura Govt, the Supreme Court added 6 months of ad hoc basis jobs for the teachers which was to be ended on June 30, 2018.

After Biplab Deb led new Govt came in power it appealed the Supreme Court for the extension of two years more in the ad hoc. The next hearing has been listed for that on September 17 and the teachers to continue their jobs till then until Supreme Court gives the final verdict. 

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