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‘Democracy itself is Lynched in Tripura’ : MP Jiten tells Parliament about Tripura’s Law & Order deterioration
TIWN July 28, 2018
‘Democracy itself is Lynched in Tripura’ : MP Jiten tells Parliament about Tripura’s Law & Order deterioration
PHOTO : MP Jiten Chaudhury addressing the Parliament. TIWN Pic July 27

AGARTALA, July 28 (TIWN): MP Jitendra Choudhury on Friday while addressing in the Parliament said that the democracy itself has been lynched under the BJP led new Govt in Tripura. “In democracy one party will come, one party will go, but they have captured all the democratic institutions by force. But above 400 democratic institutions, opposition party offices have been attacked, captured since the new party is in power. People are being attacked. Four people were killed in political violence but not a single arrest was done at there”, he said.“Thousands of people were physically attacked, but the Govt didn’t allow independent investigation. They totally paralyzed the democratic institutions, democratic rights of people at there”, MP Jiten added.

“A constant violation of human rights are going on. During the election campaigning from Prime Minister to all top leaders assured the people of Tripura to serve Hira. What kind of Hira has been given at there ? People are facing starvation deaths and going to Bangladesh for livelihood”, MP Jiten Choudhury said in the Parliament amid ruling BJP’s continuous object over the speech.

On Tuesday Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh told the Parliament that Central Govt will introduce law against mob-lynching ‘if necessary’ and further mentioned about 1984’s Sikh riot claiming it was the biggest mob-lynching.

Recently in a telephonic conversation, CPI-M MP Jitendra Choudhury drawing attention on Central Govt’s negligence on mob-lynching said, “BJP Govt has taken the Lynching just as a section of crime but yet to point about the seriousness of it”. 

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