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Health Minister calls for blood donation in three months
TIWN July 13, 2018
Health Minister calls for blood donation in three months

AGARTALA, July 13 (TIWN): Health Minister Sudip Barman has motivated people to donate blood with scientific logic explaining how regular blood donation develops the donor's health too.

Barman said, “There is no doubt that blood donation is a great work and you are helping others, saving people’s lives by donating blood. But most important thing is you are helping own self with blood donation”.

“We already have 1 to 1.5 litre of extra blood in our body. From that you are only giving 300 ml of blood and within 15 days you are again getting fresh, rejuvenated blood in your body, which purifies your body too. By doing so you are helping yourself, your body”, he said.

“So, by donating blood it not only helps the other persons but also it's helping you to stay healthy”, Sudip Barman added.

He further mentioned that a software will be developed by the state govt which will help people to know about blood bank records just by downloading an app.

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