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Deputy CM calls for more Horticultural growth than Rubber Plantation
TIWN July 12, 2018
Deputy CM calls for more Horticultural growth than Rubber Plantation
PHOTO : Deputy CM Jishnu Debbarma addressing media at Pragna Bhawan. TIWN Pic July 12

AGARTALA, July 12 (TIWN): Deputy Chief Minister Jishnu Debbarman on Wednesday while addressing at Pragna Bhawan on the occasion of Pineapple Festival and Exposition programme said that due to negligence, the Horticultural lands have not been utilized here in Tripura properly.

The places of Pineapple have been replaced by rubber plantation, whereas Tripura has a better future with horticulture.

“Today we are discussing about queen-pineapple and it shows the seriousness of the govt for expanding pineapple business”, Jishnu Debbarman said.

“It was President of India himself to announce about Queen Pineapple as the state fruit. However, declaring it was not enough, we need to fulfill the target”, Deputy CM said.

“For Govt of Tripura the first priority will be developing Horticulture because we have the potentialities. Connectivities are improving. So there are immense possibilities in doing well with Horticulture in Tripura, especially in pineapples”, he said.

“A huge area of the state has been gripped by rubber plantation which could be used for horticulture. However, we need to have a blueprint for it and I am sure that in that action plan from Govt of India to Industry Dept, NABARD all will help us”, said Jishnu Debbarman.

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