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High Petrol price along with Petrol Crisis hits the State
TIWN Jan 7, 2020
High Petrol price along with Petrol Crisis hits the State
PHOTO : Long rows of bikers before Agartala Petrol pumps. TIWN Pic Jan 7, 2020 by Niladri Chowdhury

AGARTALA, Jan 7 (TIWN): “Tel Nai” (No Oil); that’s the standard answer you get on asking for fuel, at most of the refuelling stations (Petrol pumps) across Tripura. Petrol prices have been turning more volatile, as prices of crude oil have been showing a firm trend. At the same time, crisis in the petrol pumps are felt acute. Long queues before the pumps observed today in Agartala.

From State capital Agartala to Dharmanagar, the second biggest town, some 180 km away on NH-44, none had either diesel or petrol. This has been the case for the past three- four days. People of the state are directionless as the crisis is severely affecting their work schedules. Almost all the youths working are dependent of motorcycles and cars for everyday journey to their offices and work places. So, the un availability of petrol is causing a lot of trouble to them. Also standing in long   queues for a long period of time is affecting their work affairs.

Admitting to the problem, Indian oil sources placed the blame on a temporary closure of rail operations for gauge conversation work, which forces fuel suppliers to depend on road transport from Assam. Due to the poor condition of NH-33, it takes nearly 20 hours to cover the 600-km stretch. To add to the trouble, pump owners said, most of the road tankers are owned by Assam-based operators, who are busy meeting the high demand there, thanks to the upcoming Assembly elections. That there is a severe fuel crisis in Tripura is evident, though it hasn’t been quantified. Oil officials said a fraction of pumps out of 57 had run out of fuel. But eyewitness accounts tell a different story.

The drastic change in the prices of essential commodities hits the rural economy of Tripura, badly reports says, Tripura in last two decades hasn’t undergone such economic situations, poverty, starvation that led couple of poverty related suicides in the state. This situation made public utter the phrases, ”previous days are no more”, “It’s hard to even arrange the both ends meet”, “No work”.

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