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realme set to shake up market: Launching fastest entry-level 5G smartphone 'C65' under Rs 10k
realme set to shake up market: Launching fastest entry-level 5G smartphone 'C65' under Rs 10k

New Delhi, April 18 : 5G technology, while increasingly common in mid-range and high-end smartphones, is still relatively rare in the entry-level segment. This is largely due to the cost associated with integrating 5G chipsets into devices, which can drive up the price beyond what is typically considered 'entry-level'.

As a result, many manufacturers are faced with a difficult balancing act: they want to offer 5G capabilities to attract consumers looking for future-proof devices, but they also need to keep costs down to maintain a good price.

This often leads to compromises elsewhere in the device's specifications which can impact the overall performance of the device, leading to slower processing speeds, and potentially a less smooth user experience. While these compromises might not be deal-breakers for all consumers, they can make these devices less appealing to those who want a well-rounded smartphone experience at an accessible price.

Acknowledging this market need, realme is dedicated to bringing 5G technology within reach for everyone, especially the tech-savvy younger generation, with its forthcoming product.

A distinguishing aspect of realme's approach to 5G is its profound insight into the varied Indian market. What differentiates realme is its steadfast dedication to making 5G available to all, particularly the youth who seek cutting-edge technology at a reasonable cost.

realme will be making a substantial stride in the Indian market with its upcoming smartphone -- realme C65 5G. Positioned as the fastest entry-level 5G phone under Rs 10,000, this device exemplifies realme's dedication to offering top-quality 5G technology at an accessible price point.

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