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Recruitments in TSECL handed over to privatized in Tripura
TIWN Jan 7, 2020
Recruitments in TSECL handed over to privatized in Tripura

AGARTALA, Jan 7 (TIWN): Primary step in the process of privatisation of Tripura state electricity Department has already started. The process of appointing workers in the electricity department has been handed over to a Private Organisation. Due to this step, the unemployed youths will be directly deprived of getting job opportunities in the electricity department. Primarily the Private Organisation is going to recruit 196 Technical assistants in the Electric Department of Tripura. The State Government recently approved the decision of handing over the responsibility of job recruitment to the private organisation.

Centering the decision of the BJP Government in the state, huge resentment and angst is prevailing amongst the unemployed youths of Tripura. Where the electricity department is an integral part of the state government, there the decision of recruitments via a private organisation has created infights between the ruling party leaders and members also. All over the state, questions are raised by the people that whether the state government privatised the Electricity department in Tripura?

Severe angst and un satisfaction prevails among the officers and employees of the Electric Department on this issue. This decision would lead to an adverse effect on the works of the department. Allegations are raised that severe groupism is going on in the department and also Bills are not passed on the works done. Contractors are not ready to work as they are not getting paid by the government properly on time.

According to sources it could be known that the BJP Govt nodded head to the decision of recruitment of 196 Technical Assistant through Private organisation, and according to that the Nigam made the Tender. Following the Tender a private organisation got the responsibility of appointing 196 technical assistant in the Electric Department.

The Unemployed youths on this issue displayed severe angst against the ruling BJP Govt saying that this decision of the Govt has pushed the future of the youths towards darkness. Where none of the promises of job opportunities has been filled by BJP in Tripura there this type of decision is a huge threat for the unemployed youths in the State.

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