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Increasing addiction in Tripura under BJP era, North Tripura's condition worst
TIWN Jan 4, 2020
Increasing addiction in Tripura under BJP era, North Tripura's condition worst
PHOTO : Foreign liquors caught by Police earlier(File Photo)

DHARMANAGAR, Jan 4 (TIWN): When Tripura CM emphasises on “Nesha Mukt Abhiyan” , Foreign Liquor shops are openly selling liquor to the Youths. Friday 6 youths have been arrested by Dharmanagar Police from Mahesh Smriti Road area at intoxicated condition.

Locals of the area raised several allegations against the Fuel Shop owner and consumers from many days. According to them, the owner in order to gain profit has made separate arrangements for his consumers to have alcohol from his shop. Reportedly higher position holders along with Police officers also buy alcohol from this licensed foreign liquor shops. Locals of the area said that,  liquor shops selling alcohol is natural, but Mahesh Smriti road liquor shop has a different scenario. Every day intoxicated youths fight amongst themselves and also the owner of the shop runs an illegal Bar every evening which remains at service till 12 midnight. 
Several times natives of the area has raised allegations and also filed several complaints against the owner of the liquor shop. This time after creating pressure the Police arrested 6 intoxicated youths from the area. 
Owner of the Foreign liquor shop is running such illegal business at the heart of the City, but no steps has been taken by the administration till now. Here question arises where CM of Tripura is boasting about works done by BJP Govt in Tripura against eradication of Drugs in the State, how is the owner of the fuel shop running an illegal Bar managing the Police and administration?

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