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Invigorate Foods set to invest Rs 60 cr in India
Invigorate Foods set to invest Rs 60 cr in India

New Delhi, April 21 (IANS) Invigorate Foods on Sunday said it would invest Rs 60 crore in India in three years to manufacture soya milk products.

"Invigorate Foods is planning to invest Rs 600 million (60 crore) in the next three years in plant, equipment and other capital goods required for manufacturing soya milk products in India," the Japanese company said in a statement.

The company launched "Genki-Ya Tofu", a product prepared with fresh soya milk extracts, here. The company "plans to launch other soya milk products like Genki-ya Silken Tofu, Genki-ya Firm Tofu, Genki-ya Extra-Firm Tofu, Fresh Soy Milk, Flavoured Soy milk, yogurts and donuts," it said.

The products would be manufactured maintaining high quality international standards, it said.

Invigorate Foods, a soya milk products manufacturing company, was incorporated in 2018. Its parent company is patented under the name Takeda Global in Japan. 

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