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Shebaz Sharif 'snatches' umbrella from officer, leaves her drenched
Shebaz Sharif 'snatches' umbrella from officer, leaves her drenched

NEW DELHI, June 23 : A viral video doing the rounds on social media shows Pakistan Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, who is in Paris to attend a global financing summit, "snatching" an umbrella from a protocol officer leaving her drenched in the rain.

In the 45-second video, Sharif, donning a grey suit, is seen trying to grab the umbrella, which is being held by the officer.  After a few seconds, he proceeds to take the umbrella from her and proceeds to walk alone, while the officer is following him in the pouring rain.  She keeps walking behind him until the Prime Minister reaches the entrance of the venue.  Netizens had a mixed response to the incident.  While one Twitter user said, "there are many others so she (protocal officer) could have used another female officer's umbrella", another person said: "Because last time in Iran when someone else held the umbrella for him -- Pakistani Twitter had a severe meltdown."  A Twitterati joked saying "watching him reminds me of Mr. Bean", while another user said: "And he stole her umbrella."  The Summit for a New Global Financing Pact kicked off in Paris on Thursday, with more than 300 participants from various sectors.

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