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Uncertainties hang over McCarthy replacing Pelosi as US House Speaker
Uncertainties hang over McCarthy replacing Pelosi as US House Speaker

Washington, Nov 20 (TIWN) The Republicans might have nominated Kevin McCarthy for the post of Speaker of the House but it's still not certain if he will make it to the goal post, and there is still a slim chance that Nancy Pelosi could return on the post.

Even if McCarthy becomes Speaker, he will be in name only as Marjorie Taylor Greene controls the Republican caucus in the House and if he doesn’t do their bidding “he (McCarthy) will be blown away”, says the Guardian.  Both Mitch McConnell and Kevil McCarthy do not enjoy the best of relationship with former President Donald Trump, and the McConnell’s victory as minority leader of the Senate could throw up surprises in the House for the Speaker’s post. He won 37 to 10 despite Trump calling him names showing the chasm in the party.  Trump, as per media reports, blamed McConnell for siding with the Democrats and enabling them to win more seats in the Senate to retain their majority at 50, which included Democrats stealing the Nevada seat from the Republicans.  With the December 6 run off between Herschel Walker (R) and Raphael Warnock (D) for the Georgia seat set to go the Democrat way due to rising unpopularity of the former with abortion scandals hunting an anti-abortion activist, it would mean the Democrats will win a clear majority of the Senate at 51 to 49.  Trump candidates Kari Lake and Lauren Bobert, both won by very low margins after being led by Democratic candidates particularly the latter had to fight Democrat Adam Frisch to the finish. Both Lake, a TV star, and Bobert, an exhibitionist, as described by the US media, are unabashed Trump supporters subscribing to his view that the 2020 election was stolen. And after the midterm losses, Republicans feel most of Trump’s candidates adopted the wrong strategy.  Trump’s favourite Rick Scott lost the race for nomination for the Senate minority leader losing to seasoned McConnell, whom Trump described derogatorily as the “Old Crow”.  The unrest in the Republican Party over Trump announcing his candidature for 2024 is being thoroughly enjoyed by the Democrats who feel if Biden were to contest in a rematch, he would win again. 

On the speaker issue, in the numbers game, Republicans have 221 seats, the required majority in the House against Democrats is 214. The question, according to media reports is, what if Pelosi reconsiders her decision to run for Speaker again given the slim majority the Republicans have, gambling on the odds that supporters of Rick Scott could cross vote for her? Or any new Democratic candidate if Pelosi doesn’t run.  McCarthy has to win another vote in January to secure the role of Speaker of the House.  As Republicans have taken the house with 221 seats, McCarthy has won his party’s nomination to be Speaker in the new Congress. In a closed-door vote on Tuesday, he secured 188 votes in his bid for leadership of the House with 31 opposing, media reports said.

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