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Pakistan Army chief comes to rescue country's foreign policy standing
Pakistan Army chief comes to rescue country's foreign policy standing

Islamabad, Apr 2 (TIWN): As Pakistan's political situation continues to twist and turn with Prime Minister Imran Khan trying his level best to retain his premiership, repeated claims of a foreign conspiracy to oust his government has raised major concerns over the countrys relations with the US and Europe along with the future of diplomatic ties via foreign policy.

Khan has claimed that the US and other western countries have facilitated and planned a plan to oust his government through the no-confidence motion, voting on which will be done tomorrow in the National Assembly of Pakistan.

The premier said that foreign powers are using his opposition political parties to oust him because of his trip to Russia and refusing to US and Europe for supporting their position on the Russia-Ukraine crisis against Moscow and condemn the invasion, a demand that Pakistan refused.

Khan had waved a letter, claiming it to be a direct threat of dire consequences if he succeeds to tackle the no-confidence motion, adding that all will be forgiven if the incumbent PTI government is thrown off power.

While the Prime Minister seems to be using the foreign conspiracy tactic to his benefit among the masses and declared all those who have joined hands against him as "traitors" and "conscience sellers", the claims have been outrightly denied as baseless allegations.

Khan's claims raised major reservations over Pakistan's future course of its relations with the US and European Union, which can cause major setbacks to Islamabad's cash-strapped economy.

However, it seemed like the Pakistan Army chief took it upon himself to do some damage control as he details Pakistan's future intentions towards its engagements with global powers.

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