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Oldest person in China dies at 135
Oldest person in China dies at 135

Beijing, Dec 19 (TIWN) Alimihan Seyiti, the oldest person in China, has passed away at the age of 135 in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, local authorities said on Saturday.

Seyiti was born on June 25, 1886, in Komuxerik township of Shule County in Kashgar Prefecture, according to the county's publicity department. The media agency reported, until her death on December 16, she lived a very quiet and routine life. She was punctual with her meals and enjoyed sunbathing in her yard. Reportedly, she assisted in the care of her great-grandchildren, occasionally.

China's longevity town
With many senior people above the age of 90, Komuxerik is renowned as a "longevity town." Their lifespan has been aided in part by improvements in health services. According to the media report, the local government has provided contracted doctor service, free annual physical examinations, and monthly advanced age subsidies to the elderly over 60.

Another oldest person on earth passed away last month
Last month, another oldest person on earth, Francisca Susano, who was born in the 19th century, died on November 22 in the Philippines' Negros Occidental region. Francisca Susano, also known as 'Lola,' was a 124-year-old woman. Reportedly, she was born in September 1897, a year before Spain handed the Philippines over to the United States.

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