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Netanyahu short of majority amid vote count
Netanyahu short of majority amid vote count

Jerusalem, March 24 (TIWN) Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu may struggle to secure enough seats in Parliament to stay in power, incomplete results of Tuesday's election suggested, even as he claimed victory in the country's fourth elections in two years.

The election turnout of 67.2 per cent was a drop of 4.3 per cent since last March's election when the turnout was 71.5 per cent, and the lowest of the four elections of the past two years. The Arab communities particularly witnessed "voter apathy", probably because of infighting, but it was also a shade lower among the Jews.  Some observers attributed this to "election fatigue" and also people choosing to engage in "Passover cleaning" at home in preparation for the festival over the weekend, instead of turning up to vote. As Central Election Committee data continued to come in, the anti-Netanyahu bloc, a motley crew of left, right and centrist factions, was also shy of a majority signalling continued political gridlock.

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