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US federal agents 'abused power' during arrests
US federal agents 'abused power' during arrests

Washington, July 19 (TIWN) Kate Brown, the Governor of the US state of Oregon, has accused federal agents of "blatant abuse of power" while arresting protesters in Portland city, the media reported on Saturday.

A report from Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB) contained detailed accounts of witnesses who had seen federal law enforcement officers dressed in camouflage emerge from unmarked vehicles, grab protesters without explanation, and drive off, reports the BBC news.
Since at least July 14, according to the OPB, federal agents have been jumping out of unmarked vehicles throughout the city, and grabbing protesters seemingly without cause.
According to OPB, federal officers have charged at least 13 people with crimes related to the protests so far.
Responding to the development, Brown on Friday also accused President Donald Trump of using heavy-handed tactics to score political points.
Arresting people without probable cause, Brown's spokesman, Charles Boyle, said was "extraordinarily concerning and a violation of their civil liberties and constitutional rights".

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