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Trump's social media order violates free speech, claims lawsuit
Trump's social media order violates free speech, claims lawsuit

San Francisco, June 3 (TIWN) In one of the first lawsuits challenging the executive order on preventing online censorship signed by US President Donald Trump, a digital rights group has claimed that the order violates the rights to free speech of all online platforms and individuals.

The plaintiffs drew on longstanding precedent to back their case, including a Supreme Court determination that the First Amendment protects even harsher criticism of the government and forbids “[o]fficial reprisal” efforts, including attempts to chill speech or use intermediaries as a threat. Trump’s quick response to being fact-checked showed that this was retaliation, according to the lawsuit. CDT also asserted that the order bypassed Congress’ authority in “enacting and interpreting” Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, which has been used to shield websites for liability regarding content.

In a statement, CDT chief Alexandra Givens added that Trump’s move was a “direct attack” on free speech. “The government cannot and should not force online intermediaries into moderating speech according to the President’s whims,” she said.

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