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Trump bringing US close to war with Iran: Biden
Trump bringing US close to war with Iran: Biden

New York, Jan 8 (TIWN) Former US Vice President and Democratic front-runner Joe Biden has said that President Donald Trump was bringing the US "dangerously close" to starting a war with Iran.

The former vice president has long described Trump as a reckless leader ill-equipped for foreign policy challenges. Biden has stepped up criticism of the president’s decision-making since the U.S. on Thursday killed Iran’s top general, Qasem Soleimani — an action he and his Democratic rivals warn could lead to another war in the region.  “A president who says he wants to end endless wars in the Middle East is bringing us dangerously close to starting a brand new one,” Biden said during remarks in New York. He pointed to Trump sending thousands more troops to the Middle East despite saying he wants to leave the region.  Biden pointed to his own experience — eight years as vice president and more than three decades in the Senate — to argue for his ability to navigate the crisis. He said Trump opened the door to conflict by pulling out of the Iran nuclear deal — an international agreement meant to stop Tehran’s development of weapons reached during the Obama administration.

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