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Trump converts impeachment inquiry into political rallying cry
Trump converts impeachment inquiry into political rallying cry

New York, Oct 19 (TIWN) US President Donald Trump has turned the ongoing impeachment inquiry over his dealings with Ukraine into his signature "all-base, all-the-time" political rallying cry, calling opposition Democrats "crazy" and unpatriotic; he is framing the US pullout from Syria as "a great day for civilisation" and is stoking cultural stereotypes framing the Middle East as a violent sandbox where its "natural" for them to "play" on blood stained streets.

With 12 months to go before the next US elections, Trump continues to cast himself as an insurgent and victim of the Washington elites. Whether this is a carefully curated strategy or Trump being Trump, strategists agree that the President''s appeal to feelings, memories and tribe instinct is potent.  Brand strategy expert Professor Stephen Hersh says how candidates manage the "balance" of how feelings change among voters when new information comes in is a key aspect of cognitive science that matters in political messaging. Hersh asks: "When people hear something, how do they remember it and what effect does that have on their views? And when people remember. what is it that they''re remembering?"  We caught up with Professor Hersh to talk about branding in the time of impeachment era politics. Below are highlights from the interview.

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