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Trump, Pelosi face off in 'meltdown' photo
Trump, Pelosi face off in 'meltdown' photo

Washington, Oct 19 (TIWN) Signifying the deep political divisions in Washington, a new photo shows US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi confronting President Donald Trump at a reportedly explosive White House meeting.

In the image, leading Democrat Pelosi is standing up at a large table, surrounded by male Congressional leaders and top military officials, pointing her finger towards the President, who is seated opposite her and appears stunned.  Afterwards, Trump took to his preferred social media platform, Twitter, to share the photo along with the caption: "Nervous Nancy''s unhinged meltdown". 

Pelosi - who has said it was Trump that had the "meltdown" - hit back by proudly making the image her cover photo on both Twitter and Facebook, the BBC reported.  The original tweet by Trump has now been shared more than 24,000 times on Twitter, with scores of people weighing in on what it says about the two top US politicians.  It has spurred debates on everything from gender inequality in politics, to who would be the better president, but at its core are the disagreements over one of the most divisive political issues of the moment.  The Wednesday meeting was held to discuss the situation in northern Syria, where Turkey launched an offensive last week against Kurdish-led forces after the US suddenly withdrew its troops.  Just before the meeting, the US House of Representatives had voted overwhelmingly to condemn the troop withdrawal.

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