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Pakistani arrested for keeping minor son in shackles
Pakistani arrested for keeping minor son in shackles

Peshawar, July 27 (TIWN) A Pakistani man was arrested for chaining his minor son at his tea shop after pictures of the chained boy, who has now been rescued, went viral on the social media.

The minor boy, who was chained at a teashop in Nasirpur area, was handed over to his family members, including his elder brother and uncle.  In the picture that had been going viral since Thursday, the boy was seen doing some chores at the shop while one of his legs was chained.  Initially, it was presumed that someone had kept him in chains and forced him to labour, but later it emerged that the shop was run by his father, who had chained his leg. 

An official at Chamkani police station said there was no clear provision of law available for the crime, but for the time being, Khan had been charged under Section 107 of the CrCP, which deals with a person likely to commit a breach of public tranquility.

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