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US says may have downed 2 Iran drones last week, not 1
US says may have downed 2 Iran drones last week, not 1

Washington, July 24 (TIWN) A US warship may have brought down two Iranian drones in the Gulf last week, the American military has said.

"We are confident we brought down one drone, (and) we may have brought down a second," U.S. Central Command Chief General Kenneth McKenzie told CBS news in an interview aboard the USS Boxer, the ship that took action against the drones.  A U.S. Central Command spokesman, Earl Brown, later said that it was a defensive action by the USS Boxer in response to aggressive interactions by two Iranian drones in international waters.  "We observed one (drone) crash into the water but did not observe a 'splash' for the other," Brown added.  Iran has denied that it lost any of its own unmanned aerial vehicles, after U.S. President Donald Trump announced that the USS Boxer had downed one.

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