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World's highest aquarium starts trial operation in China's Qinghai
World's highest aquarium starts trial operation in China's Qinghai

Xining, July 19 (TIWN) The world's highest aquarium has opened for trial operation in northwest China's Qinghai Province, news agency Xinhua reported.

The new aquarium is located more than 2,200 meters above sea level in the city of Xining, the capital of Qinghai, representing the first aquarium on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau.  Covering about 28,000 square meters, the building has been divided into different exhibition zones, including freshwater animals, marine life, jellyfish, science popularisation and interaction, pets, belugas and dolphins.  Naked carps, which are endemic to Qinghai Lake, will also be exhibited among more than 400 aquatic species and over 100 terrestrial animals in the aquarium, the Xinhua report said.  The aquarium is scheduled to be officially opened on August 18, and is able to accommodate up to 2,000 visitors.  Animal stars, including two belugas from Russia and eight bottlenose dolphins from Japan, are expected to stage wonderful performances for visitors.  Aquarium curator Luo Ruibin said that having traveled from low altitude areas to the plateau, the animal stars underwent examinations and were put into quarantine. They have now adapted to their new lofty surroundings.  "Introducing marine life to the plateau will not only educate plateau residents, but also be of great significance for scientific research," Luo added.

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