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Plane lands few feet away from tourists, video goes viral
Plane lands few feet away from tourists, video goes viral

Athens, July 18 (TIWN) A video of a British Airways flight making a landing at the Skiathos Airport in Greece few yards away from tourists is going viral on the social media.

The video has been shared on YouTube by the channel ''Cargospotter'' with the caption: "Skiathos 2019 - lowest landing ever? The European St Maarten". The 11-minute video features multiple low landings at the Skiathos Airport.  "Skiathos Airport or as many of us aviation enthusiasts call it ''the European St Maarten'' is one of the craziest airports in Europe. Airplanes land and depart right behind a small road and the airport of Skiathos became one of the main tourist attractions of the Greek island," Cargospotter wrote on YouTube.  According to a report on the Internet, when the weather is good as many as 100 people would gather at the airport to watch the planes land and depart.  In addition, due to the size of the runway, the largest plane permitted to land at Skiathos Airport is Boeing 757.

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