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Afghan peace talks: Taliban agrees to reduce violence
Afghan peace talks: Taliban agrees to reduce violence

Doha, July 10 (TIWN) The Taliban has agreed to reduce violence by stopping attacks on "religious centres, schools, hospitals, educational centres, bazaars, water dams and workplaces" in Afghanistan, that could expedite the end of the 18-year war in the war-torn nation, the media reported on Tuesday.

The Taliban on Monday agreed to reduce the number of civilian casualties in its offensive against Afghanistan's central government, according to a joint statement by representatives of the warring factions.

During talks in Doha, the militant group agreed to stop attacks on "religious centers, schools, hospitals, educational centers, bazaars, water dams and work places," according to a statement seen by DW.

The encounter ended with a joint "appeal and promise to reduce violence in Afghanistan," said Markus Potzel, Germany's Afghanistan envoy, who co-hosted the talks with Qatar.

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