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BJP identifies Professor-Uniformed CPI-M cadres who helped College Election Ragging : warns, ‘We have Marked you’ !
TIWN Sep 14, 2017
BJP identifies Professor-Uniformed CPI-M cadres who helped College Election Ragging : warns, ‘We have Marked you’ !
PHOTO : Ashok Sinha warns cadre teachers for indulging in vote rigging and ragging ABVPs. TIWN Pics Sep 13

AGARTALA, Sep 14 (TIWN): Tripura BJP Spokesperson Ashok Sinha in a press meet has issued stern warning to the CPI-M cadre cum professors who not only supported the SFI to win the election via rigging but also hit the students physically to assist the SFI's ejection victory . “Few things have come under our observations during the College Election and one of them is some Professors either out of pressure or willingly helped the rigging of votes directly during the voting and some teachers when violence began they themselves raised their hands on the students. I am warning all the teachers that you have been marked and don’t forget that ! Your names, your faces have been marked, noted, written..…remember that. Teachers should stay like Teachers, otherwise you will no more remain as Teachers”.

“The violence that had begun since the nomination form filling up day, this is nothing new. Such violence happens every year. But, this year first time Tripura CPI-M controlled SFI was under heavy pressure that was reflected on 12-Sep. Amid thousands of attempts SFI couldn’t stop ABVP's rising and in some colleges ABVP have scored more than expectation”, said Sinha.

Criticizing CPI-M’s direct involvement in SFI’s activity Sinha said, “We will never indulge directly with ABVPs how CPI-M does with SFI. But we morally support ABVP and we become happy in their achievements”.

“The Chief Minister who everyday propagates about peace and calmness he himself inspired the SFI youths towards violence. We condemn the double face of CPI-M and Congratulate ABVPs for their strength and courage to fight against the odd. The winning of AVBP is moral victory”, said Sinha.

Targeting Police’s role in the campus, Sinha said, “We will go to the DGP and ask, 'How amidst much precautions such violence could take place ? How the arms were gathered in the campus ? How in front of police such incident happened ? 4 ABVP, 2 Yuva Morcha leaders have been injured seriously”.

“The election has proven that people have learnt to stand against the CPI-M and it’s anarchy. ABVP got moral victory”, said Sinha. 



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