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Son burnt mother alive after she refused to buy bike for him
TIWN Sep 13, 2017
Son burnt mother alive after she refused to buy bike for him
PHOTO : Radha Priya Jamatia dies at Gomati Dist Hospital. TIWN Pic Sep 13

UDAIPUR, Sep 13 (TIWN): With a shocking note a mother was burnt alive by her son at Killa on Tuesday night when she refused to buy him a bike.

The incident occurred at Killa PS  under Tairupa Bari in the midnight.

Son Salu Jamatia in the midnight returned home in drunken condition and started hitting argument with his mother demanding a new bike for him.

Mother Radha Priya Jamatia W/O- Tripura Kumar Jamatia seeing his condition, refused to talk to him and also told him clearly that she has no money to arrange bike for him.

It fueled Salu Jamatia in anger and pouring kerosene on her,  burnt his mother alive.

Immediately the victim was brought to Gomati Dist Hospital hospital but doctors declared her as dead after sometime.

This incident once again reminds the Amtali incident when son had killed his parents and also the maid at house. 

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