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Man dies of snake bite
TIWN July 17, 2017
Man dies of snake bite
PHOTO : Nityaranjan Tripura died of snake bite. TIWN Pic July 17

SABROOM, July 17 (TIWN): Man died at South Tripura after a poisonous snake had bite him.

The deceased has been identified as Nityaranjan Tripura (25), S/O-Karkamohon Tripura, residence of Magroom Village, Sabroom.

The incident took place at around early morning 3 AM, when he was sleeping.

The snake, most likely was a cobra that bite on his right hand. Hearing his crying, all the family members came to his room but already the snake had gone and could not be killed.

But Nityaranjan Tripura's family members said it was a cobra as they saw it for a while.

He was taken to a hospital in local area, but doctors referred him further to Gomati dist Hospital but atlast could not be saved.

Panic has gripped the village after the news was spread. 

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