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'Deprivation doesn't justify separate-land as 19 tribal MLAs are in Assembly' : Jishnu Dev Varma
TIWN July 17, 2017
'Deprivation doesn't justify separate-land as 19 tribal MLAs are in Assembly' : Jishnu Dev Varma
PHOTO : BJP leader Jishu Dev Varman addressing media. TIWN Pic

AGARTALA, July 17 (TIWN): A demand of separate land eventhough defines a line between Bengalis and Tribals but it has nothing to do with the actual problem, BJP leader Jishnu Devbarman said recently in a press meet.

Jishnu Devbarman said, "Since the ADC was formed, no work has been done so far resulting massive deprivation of Tribal people of the state led them to react back but there are many leaders from tribals leading ADCs".

In the last press conference Devbarama also accused about a nexus among IPT topmost leader N C Debbarma and CPI-M for triggering such violence. Jishnu Devbarman also exposed Manik Sarkar for his statement in 1992 about ADC where Manik Sarkar says.... "to identify people came after 1971 must be treated as foreigners and after identifying as Bangladeshi foreigner.....must be.... pushed back as early as possible". This statement was placed by CPI-M, before all party state committee on 26th Feb. 1992.  

Addressing the press conference, Devbarman said, "ADC has left undeveloped since the beginning even after 19 tribal MLAs are there. It's CPI-M's policy to deprive ADC and continue a clash to among tribal and Bengalis with various non-issues. NC Debbarma and CPI-M has yearlong close relation to sustain the violence in the state".

The BJP tribal leader also asked, BJP is very new but whenever CPI-M was in power terrorism has been there in the state.  

However, the proposal given by the BJP leader is also another challenge as ADC and plain area will be divided after the ADC is converted into a State Council. Also the leader didn't mention any time being for the competition of the developmental project in the state council.

It has been a long 7 days that NH-8, Railway of Tripura is blocked but there is no action from the state govt whereas the leaders are in demand of talk to the central.

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