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CPI-M, IPFT secret deal(?) under scanner : rather than batons to disperse unruly IPFT, Manik begs help from Rajnath Singh,Tripura CM turns a mere observer after 8 days of NH-8 blockade
TIWN July 17,2017
CPI-M, IPFT secret deal(?) under scanner : rather than batons to disperse unruly IPFT, Manik begs help from Rajnath Singh,Tripura CM turns a mere observer after 8 days of NH-8 blockade
PHOTO : IPFT apes naked blockade of NH-8, Inset CM press conference on Sunday. TIWN

AGARTALA, July 17 (TIWN): CPI-M’s national face cum Chief Minister Manik Sarkar well aware of IPFT’s poor organizational strength as breakaway faction led by Narendra Chandra Debbarma lacks strength to even gather one thousand supporters on NH-8. So, other than some drug infested misguided youths dancing naked on NH-8 Baramura what else scaring Manik to allow TSR battalions to disperse this idiotic mob ? After 8 days of IPFT blockade finally lameduck Chief Minister quite shamelessly dumped his responsibility onto Union Home Ministry. It is widely known fact that from CPI-M, BJP, Congress, INPT, Amara Bangali to other smaller parties, none support IPFT’s naked monkey dances demanding ‘Tipraland’. Neither 90% of Tripura Tribals support IPFT’s ‘Tipraland’ Demand. So the question raises why Manik Sarkar giving so much importance to a breakaway small section of N.C.Debbarma ? Any Tripura State Rifles battalion (TSR) is more than capable to disperse these naked apes from the NH-8 at any given point of time.

CM’s tone on Sunday sounded like he prefers to see this blockade runs longer to allow IPFT getting political strength to start a communal disturbance statewide. 

Other than that what is stopping Manik Sarkar to order immediate lifting of blockade or face TSR batons or bullets ? IPFT’s naked apes have no right to block State’s lifeline NH-8 causing enormous sufferings to State’s 37 lakhs population.

Even INPT Chief & former TNV militant outfit chief Bijoy Kumar Hrangkhawl doubted a secret understanding between IPFT and CPI-M as State Govt taken observer’s role rather than imposing rule of law.

Chief Minister Manik Sarkar on Sunday said that Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh assured him that the central government would look after the issue of the ongoing road and rail blockade by tribal party IPFT to push their demand for a separate state.

However, the Indigenous People's Front of Tripura (IPFT) refused to withdraw its week-long blockade.

"I have apprised the Union Home Minister today (Sunday) about the blockade of the state's main lifeline, National Highway-8, and lone railway line by the IPFT . Rajnath Singh assured me the issue will be looked into. 

"I have also told the Home Minister that due to the blockade of the arterial national highway and solitary railway line, people of the state are facing serious problems in getting essentials and other basic items from outside the state," said Sarkar at a press conference, adding Manik requested Rajnath Singh to talk to the IPFT leaders.

IPFT’s misguided naked apes are not only illiterate but no knowledge of history of this region.

IPFT’s Tipraland main demand that Tripura belongs to Tribals not only a big lie but a distortion of historical facts.

Tripura Tribal population’s ancestors migrated from Myanmar / Eastern Burma 550 years back due to massive droughts and deaths. Original name of this land was ‘Sri Bhumi’ / ‘Samatat’.

During India’s British rule over 200 years, Tripura region was under ‘Chakla-Roshnabad’ sector where Bengali majority even accounted in 1931 census by British Govt.

In 1931 as per British Govt census, 97% population of plain lands and 52% of hilly lands population were Bengalees.

Its  a documented fact that Tribal population in Tripura rarely paid any taxes to Tripura’s erstwhile Tribal Kings, all taxes are paid by Bengalee zaminders, Bengalee population in the tunes of Rs 14 lakhs per year  during 1930-40s era.

Tripura Kings all expenses, cost of building palaces were all borne by Bengalee taxpayers which is documented in Govt records.

Also fact is whether its 1930 or 2017, Tribals never pay income taxes to Government but Government gives the more than equal facilities to Triibals than Bengalees – so question arises that who is paying free school education to foods to medicines to hospital treatments ? Even today its majority Bengalee population paying all the taxes.

‘Chakla-Roshnabad’ area’s Bengalee paid Taxes were counted over 75 to 80% of total taxes during Tripura King’s rule as per Govt records.

IPFT’s naked apes need to remember Bengalees contribution and taxes to their overall development in history.

Tripura belongs to Bengalees as much as it belongs to Tribals as both communities peacefully lived here during from the era of Tripura Dynasty then followed by Congress rule – only communal divide and dirty politics began only after CPI-M’s arrival in State’s political map in 1970s.

Tipraland demand is an absurd idea by IPFT's naked apes, even famous Tribal personalities like R.D.Barman's family home is located in Comilla (Bangladesh) so does it mean this famous Artist was a Bangladeshi ?

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