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Not NCTE but 'Academic Councilor', 'Student Councilor' posts are out of World Dictionary ! Who will take the Interviews ?
TIWN May 20, 2017
Not NCTE but 'Academic Councilor',  'Student Councilor' posts are out of World Dictionary ! Who will take the Interviews ?

AGARTALA, May 20 (TIWN): With another major shock it has been revealed raising laughing roars that in the World Dictionary for school education there is no mention about any Academic Councilor and Student Councilor. In school Education these posts do not have any necessity, neither India has any such category for which Tripura Govt has announced 4600 posts all together. However, in this case of Academic Councilor there is a post mostly in US and Western Countries that means, "Academic advisors at the postsecondary level may work within a specific school in a college or university, such as the school of business".

However modifying US's Academic advisers, Tripura Govt has created Academic Councilor.

Now in case of Student Councilor it is more associated with councils like left front backed All India Student Council, Women Affairs or something like that.

In this condition rest in case of library assistants,it is clearly written "as a paraprofessional, he or she helps patrons select materials but refers requests for more in-depth research to librarians".

Now question raises, who will take those interviews? Who will sit in the Examination Board ?

But for all these Tripura Govt has created 12,000 posts, however with addition of more 1000 posts in social welfare dept.

However, if in High Court in coming days question raises, who was responsible for this bogus recruitment the reference will be Tapan Chkaraborty's statement that, "Therefore Council of ministers have approved  the Recruitment Rules (RRS)and creation and filling up of 12000 posts".

The most interesting issue is the teachers experiences are invalid before the interview board, as court rejected them saying "Illegal". 

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