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Instead of telecasting, Dharmanagar radio center cultivating vegetables
TIWN March 20, 2017
Instead of telecasting, Dharmanagar radio center cultivating vegetables
PHOTO : Dharmanagar radio Center left paralyzed. TIWN Pic March 20

DHARMANAGAR, March 20 (TIWN): Dharmanagar radio center left lifeless since years and presently vegetable cultivation is going on inside the radio centre.

In the year 2007 a radio station construction work started in Dharmanagar subdivision, with the investment of atleast Rs. 16 crores.B

ut surprisingly, after the passing of 9 years, the authority has failed to inaugurate the radio station at there. Such negligence is nothing but the wastage of central funds, alleged the local people of Dharmanagar.

Till day not a single song or programme has not been telecasted from Dharmanagar radio station, but the Cultural Affair Dept has no concerned about this and thus the radio station remains un-used and half made since years.

Moreover, in 2012, a theft case inside the radio station had hit Dharmanagar,  as including the AC machineries and other machinery items had been looted. However, allegation also raised that the constructors were behind this theft activity.

After that theft case, around Rs. 20 lakhs had sanctioned for the re-construction, but with all these, Tripura Govt. has failed to start the radio station at there.

Presently, no work is going on at there and the place has remained as an un-used area, under ‘Prasar Bharati’, ‘All India Radio’ and employees there cultivating vegetables.


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